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 Oriental Coffee and Tea


The story so far


 So the legend goes, that Kaldi (an Ethiopian goat herder) noticing that when his flock nibbled on the bright red cherries of a certain bush they became more  energetic, chewed on the fruit himself. His exhilaration prompted him to bring the cherries to an Islamic monk in a nearby monastery, but the monk disapproved of  their use and threw them on the fire, from which an enticing aroma billowed. The roasted beans were quickly raked from the embers, ground up and dissolved in hot  water, yielding the world’s first cup of coffee.


 Coffees are our specialty, but please browse this website to see our full product range. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best for you at good value prices.  

Wherever possible we work directly with farmers to help them sustain their cultures and  way of life , as we recognise that things that are made better taste  better. These relationships are the foundation of our business, so that we can track what goes into all of our delicious hot and cold drinks.To share the best of this  beautiful crop with you. Our coffee beans are roasted in small quantities, so when you buy  coffee from us, you know it’s being delivered as fresh as possible


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